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Würth Elektronik Oy is a German Adolf Würth GmbH & Co.KG's subsidiary in Finland. Würth Group, founded in 1945, operates in 84 countries. Its turnover is 10.12 billion EUR and employs more than 66,000 people. The Group's head office is located in Kunzelsau, Germany.

Würth Elektronik Oy has, since 1975, acted as the screws and mounting accessories partner for Finnish electronics assembly and industrial companies.

We have over the years, developed our business based on customers' needs and today's product range includes a wide range of industrial equipment. International co-operation with our partners enables us to offer our customers a time- and money-saving service.

Proper storage, handling and procurement processes have the opportunity to achieve very significant savings on products. Product processing, and acquisition costs, for example ordering time, the postal and freight charges, product handling, etc. are often higher than the actual product.

We are a competent and reliable partner for industry.


Würth Elektronik was founded 1975.
Würth Elektronik is located in Nurmijärvi, Finland.
Turnover of 15.5 million EUR.
Employs 70 people (2014).


Mountings, clinching products, rivets, standoffs, plastic parts, electrical products, connectors, consistent labelling products, tools, ESD accessories, EMC and inductive components, packaging materials, etc.

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